13th Gwangju Biennale — Minds Rising Spirits Tuning

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Rites of Passage and Renewal

By Haaweatea Holly Bryson

Haaweatea Holly Bryson, “Rites of Passage and Renewal,” 2021

In this video, Māori Healing practitioner Haaweatea Holly Bryson introduces the processes that mark the transition from one phase of life to another. Drawing on the sessions she led for GB Talks | Rising to the Surface: Practicing Solidarity Futures, she discusses the three stages of the Rites of Passage, leading to intergenerational healing. What do we want to keep (to hold dear), as we reflect on our relationship with our ancestral and family lineages and consider what we know of our patterns, pain, resilience, values, and gifts? What do we want to carry (perpetuate and share)? And what do we want to compost (transform and change)? This map shows the “bones” or codes of how humanity transitions and transforms, our consciousness, resiliency, belonging, purpose, revelation, and renewal.


Haaweatea Holly Bryson is a Psychotherapist, Māori Healing practitioner, and a Rite of Passage guide based on Hawai'i Island. She specializes in transformation, trauma and life-transition, including early childhood and adult trauma, existential crisis, as well as relationship and family counseling. She is the Lead Therapist and Trainer at Nature Knows, www.natureknows.co, a subsidiary of The Suzerain Group.