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Forensics of Exploitation

By Vladan Joler

Forensics of Exploitation

Vladan Joler

October 17, 2020
11am–12.30pm CET / 6–7.30pm KST

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Vladan Joler’s two-part lecture explores the invisible layers and networks behind the main technological platforms using several investigative and forensic methods. In “Forensics of Exploitation,” Joler discusses the invisible matrix of human labor, energy consumption and resource extraction that is hidden behind digital networks and Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, he takes the home assistant Amazon Echo as a case study of black box technology and, step by step, reconstructs its design and the relations of each component with planetary ecology and economy.


Vladan Joler is co-founder of SHARE Foundation and a professor in the Academy of Arts at the University of Novi Sad. He leads SHARE Lab: a research and data investigation lab for exploring different technical aspects of the intersections between technology and society.