13th Gwangju Biennale — Minds Rising Spirits Tuning

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Gwangju Theater


Judy Radul will challenge the concept of visual perception and “the image”, in a technological and biological sense, by pointing thermal cameras at a live orchestra performing at the 85 year-old Gwangju Theater, Korea’s single oldest cinema operating to date. Her installation stages an attempt to hijack a technology that usually appears in connection with weapons, border control, mechanical inspection, fever scanning, or ghost hunting. Karrabing Film Collective activate their cinematic aesthetics through improvisation and hip-hop while facing up to the challenges of toxicity and conceiving forms of sovereignty against settler violence; Photomontages by Zofia Rydet developed between 1975 and 1979 will dialogue with the theatre’s cinematographic history by blending surrealistic visions with glimpses into the everyday life of communist-era Poland.


10 Chungjang-ro 46beon-gil, Dong-gu, 61480 Gwangju, South Korea
T. +82 (0)62 225 8850