13th Gwangju Biennale — Minds Rising Spirits Tuning

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Horanggasy Artpolygon


The sacred Yangnim mountain – a symbol of South Korea’s layered histories, from Japanese colonisation and chapters of anticolonial resistance to Christian evangelisation, communal healthcare and the strategic role of American missionaries in Gwangju – is used as a Biennale venue for the first time. These histories can be traced at the Yangnim mountain site, through well-preserved examples of traditional Korean architecture, cave tunnels dug as bomb shelters during colonial times, and the memorialisation of missionary sites and learning centres. Select Biennale projects take place in the Horangassy Artpolygon, a community art space situated at the base of a cemetery which was previously used as a site for sky burials.


20, Jejung-ro 47beon-gil, Nam-gu, 61643 Gwangju, South Korea
T. +82 (0)62 682 0976