13th Gwangju Biennale — Minds Rising Spirits Tuning

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Artist Talk #2

Artist Sylbee Kim in conversation with curator Kim Younghee, Horangasssy Creative Studio, Gwangju, October 1, 2019. Photo: Choi Seong Uk.

The second public program on January 7, 2020, also featured artists’ presentations, performances, and conversations with local interlocutors. Hosted at Perpetual Spring Pavilion at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, the program assembled discussions with Ana María Millán and Jinjoo Kim on the relations between digital cultures, feminism and performativity; Femke Herregraven on data models of cat bonds and how they offer testimony of ecological catastrophes; and Ad Minoliti on the Feminist School of Painting and how to use pictorial genre to discuss painting, gender, and race. Korakrit Arunanondchai shared his long-term obsession on ghosts, specifically their historical relationship to monks and their use in cinema; Sahej Rahal investigated world-building practices through fiction; Cian Dayrit  and Timoteus A. Kusno addressed what is deemed “lost” and the coloniality of power; Moon Kyungwon and biennale curatorial team member Joowon Park considered platforms of collective intelligence and urban history through sentient forms. Last but not least, on January 11, Sissel Tolaas organized a smell lab workshop with children in Gwangju.