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Brazilian Black Feminism: Perspectives and Projects to the World

By Djamila Ribeiro

Brazilian Black Feminism: Perspectives and Projects to the World

Djamila Ribeiro

October 20, 2020
9–10.30am São Paulo time / 2–3.30pm CET / 9–10.30pm KST

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In this keynote, philosopher and social justice activist Djamila Ribeiro discusses the role of Brazilian Black feminism in the current political debates. She offers a historical reading through the works of Lelia Gonzalez and Sueli Carneiro, among others, whose contributions for an ethnic-racial perspective in the feminist movement have been made invisible due to their geopolitical position. Ribeiro also introduces examples drawing on the Brazilian Black women traditions, such as the Yalorixás of Candomblé—a polytheist Afro-Brazilian religion where the Orixás represent archetypes for an intersectional political existence.


Djamila Ribeiro has a master's degree in Political Philosophy from the Federal University of São Paulo. She is the coordinator of the Sueli Carneiro editorial Seal and the Plural Feminisms Collection. She is the author of several books, such as Lugar de Fala, Who's afraid of Black Feminism? and A Short anti-racist guide. She is also a guest professor in the journalism department at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). A Columnist for Folha de S. Paulo newspaper and Elle magazine, Djamila became the Deputy Assistant of Human Rights for the city of São Paulo in 2016. She was awarded the 2019 Prince Claus Award, granted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and considered by the BBC one of the 100 most influential women in the world, the same year.